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If you're looking at real estate, whether buying a home or looking for an investment with future return, the best asset you can have is a Realtor® who can help you navigate the process safely and smoothly from start to finish.

When you’re looking for a home, moving across town or across the sea, making the change for work or pleasure,
we're here to help you find the perfect place, bargain on your behalf and then guide you through all the steps to a successful closing.

You've heard the raves again and again: "Austin is a wonderful place to live!" It's very true and people from all over the globe want to move here.

Austin includes a number of very distinct and different markets, each with its own personality, pricing quirks and property tax considerations. If you're not familiar with our city, we'll give you a thorough tour of Austin, including the business district, university, major shopping areas and both urban and suburban residential areas that would likely be high on your list of choices.

We belong to these real estate organizations and
we'll use them as resources to help you find the home you want.

abor, ampi, texas association of realtors, national association of realtors, austin board of realtors, houston association of realtors, certified international property specialist, texas alliance of land brokers


We're very good listeners; that's important because the first step in helping you find your new home is for us to have a clear idea of what you're looking for. What are your priorities? Do you prefer urban or suburban? How important are the schools? Do you have a preference for a particular school district? How important is convenience to work and shopping? What's the price range? Do you want a new home or an existing home? Do you want a particular achitectural style?

We have access to thousands of homes with pictures, maps, etc., and one of the things that makes us valuable to you is the knowledge of what the individual areas are like. We'll take you to the areas that seem to fit your preferences and won't waste time on others that don't.

We've lived in Austin and been in the business a long time, so we have many, many contacts which can sometimes be useful in finding homes not even publicly on the market that might be perfect for you. Here's a link to our separate site with a search engine, which includes mapping capability:


We have contacts developed over many years with a number of mortgage companies and banks that would be likely prospects to make you a mortgage loan with the best rates available at the time.

Mortgages have gone from being very easy to get to being extremely hard to get over the past several years. The field has been rapidly changing in recent years, following the banking crisis, so this is another valuable area of knowledge we have at your disposal. Furthermore, we keep close tabs on the local and national economies and housing markets, as those continue to change. Our web site for that infomation and charts can be found at, or see our blog at     


We have put together a sort of roadmap showing the steps between the beginning, when you make an offer to purchase a home, to the final closing of the transaction. This covers most eventualities and even though every transaction is different, most will go through the process in this way.
Click here for our roadmap of the steps from offer to closing.

Every state and country has its own set of laws and procedures that are used by buyers and sellers as they buy or sell property. Real estate agents in Texas are not allowed to do anything that could be construed as practicing law, so we use forms written by lawyers of the Texas Association of Realtors, approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission, that are made available to us for nearly any eventuality. There are several forms for contracts, depending on the type of property, many types of addendums and one particular form that every buyer should read that outlines the obligations and duties of real estate sales people to buyers and sellers. Click here for Information on Brokerage Services.

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